Archivos Latinoamericanos de Producción Animal, Vol 25, No 1-2 (2017)

Tamaño de la letra:  Pequeña  Mediana  Grande

Advances in genetic improvement in Latin America and future perspectives

José Lindenberg Rocha Sarmento, Luciano S. Sena


Animal breeding has been traditionally based on phenotypic and pedigree information. While traditional breeding methods have been effective in selecting animals for easy-to-measure traits, selection for
difficult-to-measure traits can be favored by using DNA information. Thus, the advent of genomics has caused shifts in the animal breeding paradigm. However, genomic information has not changed the underlying principles of animal breeding, which consider the phenotype as essential to achieve genetic improvement.
Therefore, new challenges have arisen, and with them the need for adequacy of methods used so far and the development of research for the adaptation of new methodologies that will contribute to increase genetic gain and cost reductions of breeding programs.

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